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In a small town, (and even smaller kitchen), in Wyoming, the recipe for Red Pony Salsa was born!


By the hands of a skilled gardener, we were able to concoct the tastiest blend of vegetables and spices, for what we think is the perfect salsa.  


Using the home grown, natural flavor of sun ripened tomatoes, spicy peppers, and freshly picked onions,   blended with just the right amount of garlic and spice,  we thought, we may be on to  something!


So, with much pressure from our friends, we took it a little bit  further...we decided the delicious taste of our home made recipes must be shared.

I think Wren agrees...

# 2....We frequented the Longmire Headquarters in search of gifts for friends or ourselves (and yes, there were several visits during our 6 days in Buffalo) This might be a big seller next year..... larger jars of the “Red Pony Salsa/Picante Sauce”.... as my husband could not get enough of it....pretty sure by the end of the weekend that he was forgoing the chips and would just drink it from the jar ! 

~Melanie and Eddy Boyd

Bryan, Texas

The Bloody Mary mix is SO good!!!! It's a must have!!!!

~LeAnn Cheri


By far the best salsa I have ever had.

It's the BOMB!!

~Fran Wilson


Just got a box in of the RED PONY SALSA. Had it with my eggs this morning and then with chips in the afternoon. It's delicious and has a kick to it.


~Merrilee Albers


I had the opportunity to try the RED PONY SALSA

recently. By try,  I mean devour half the jar.

It was delicious and my 6 year old loved it, too!

I highly recommend RED PONY SALSA.

~Kari Crosby


Had my first high-octane taste of Richard "Omar" Rhoades' RED PONY BLOODY MARY MIX, with Russian Standard 80 proof. At first, I thought, the mix was a bit on the mild side, but like many things Native to Buffalo, Wyoming, it kind of has a surprising kick. Very fresh tasting, like his delicious salsa.

My new favorite! Sorry, Whiskey Willie's, the Pony wins by a length!

~Ry Brooks

North Carolina


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