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A complete mix of tasty juice. Mix me traditional, with a beer, or saute some shrimp in me! Also, I am just as good for you as V8...

Bloody Mary Mix 750ML

SKU: 8-6953200236-0
  •   A mix of a traditional Bloody Mary and our salsa. If your tired of bland Bloody mary's Red Pony is a must try. Full of flavor and a bit of a bite that slowly grabs your attention.

      Also makes a great red beer or can be enjoyed straight like a V-8 but healthier. Also can be used as a marinade for seafood and chicken.



  • Tomato juice, Onions, Green Bell Peppers, Jalepeno Peppers, Worcestershire Sauce, Sugar, Lime and Lemon Juice, Celery Salt, Garlic, Serrano Peppers, Black Pepper, Paprika.

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